THE GOAL is to build the prototype of the extractor system to demonstrate how our oil absorbing SmartFoam can be used to remove hydrocarbons and silicones from the water in a multitude of specific, yet different environments.  

Donation Goal:  $500,000

Phase 1:  The first stage of the project requires only $500,000 to start.  That allows us to build and install all components of the system, which includes the extractor, a floating conveyor belt to circulate the foam in the water, tensioners and shore mounts, voraxial oil separator, holding tanks, and related support expenses.

Stretch Goal:  $1,000,000

Phase 2:  The second stage of our plan involves an even more dramatic goal because you'll be able to see results immediately!  Much of the pollution from hydrocarbons and silicones is invisible, but of course, we know it's there.  What people can actually see in the water, especially after a rain, is the tons of trash that gets washed off the streets and into the ocean.  There are points where the trash collects to make a big, ugly mess.  Help us reach our stretch goal of $1,000,000 and we'll be able to pick up the trash and hydrocarbons at the same time!  There is a second part of our extractor design that can enable us to do both jobs.  If we reach our first stretch goal, we'll build and implement Phase 2.

Stretch Goal:  $1,500,000

Phase 3:  The next step after successfully removing hydrocarbons and trash from a stationary location, is to build the next generation system that has the added capability of being mobile.  Depending on the location, the design could include two or more extractors, each on a separate barge that allows the unit and boomline to be moved around depending on location specifics, tidal movements, and environmental sensitivities.

Stretch Goal:  $2,000,000 or more 

Phase 4:  After reaching this goal, AIR Tech will be able to assist in cleaning up problem areas in the beautiful state of Hawaii.  Through connections the company has cultivated, AIR Tech has been in talks with authorities in Hawaii that are very eager to use SmartFoam to clean up some chronic problem areas.  

Just the Beginning

Helping AIR Tech with the Clean My Bay project will not only show that these products/systems are useful, affordable and sustainable, but that they can be used virtually anywhere to great effect.  Your help now will start a snowball effect in other communities that want cleaner, hydrocarbon-free bays, lakes, rivers, and oceans.  Once we get the ball rolling in one location, and people see how well it works, it will be natural to continue doing the good work, and there will be much greater support for it wherever we go.  If each one teaches one, it won't be long before we make a big difference for the better.  We can do it.  We can Be Better.  You can help.  Join us today!