We're a group of people who love the ocean, and grew up at the beach - swimming, surfing, you name it.  We remember how clean the water used to be, and we want to help make it that way again.  We don't have to wait for big business, and government agencies to help!  We have the solution already, and if enough people know what we can do with our oil-absorbing SmartFoam, we'll have plenty of resources, and support to do this clean-up ourselves.
We're raising $500,000 to build a system of our own design, that uses our SmartFoam to pull heavy hydrocarbons and silicones out of the water.  The foam is circulated through the water at key points, and absorbs what hydrocarbons are present.  Then, our extractor compresses the foam, wringing out the pollutants and capturing them, before putting the foam back in the water to collect more hydrocarbons.  It's really as simple as using a sponge to clean up any mess!  All we have to do is build it.  
To show the world that clean water, free of petroleum is in the best interest of everyone - we need your social network, and financial support.  Please help us by spreading the word to your friends, and letting them know what we're doing.  Watch our videos and share them.  Let your voice be heard, and help us spread the word by sharing a link to this website on your social media pages.  We can do this anywhere oil spills happen, so geography is no barrier.  The more people that get involved, the larger the donations people make, the bigger the impact we can all have.
CleanMyBay - because Clean Water benefits everyone!
Please send a donation today.  Be generous.  Help us leave a legacy of a cleaner, greener earth.  Thank you very much!
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1.  What is Clean My Bay?

Clean My Bay is a crowdfunding initiative designed to raise enough money for us to build and showcase a complete system for oil cleanup utilizing our SmartFoam technology.  Oil absorbing foam buoys and booms that absorb hydrocarbons on contact are circulated through the water, lifted out and squeezed until the oil/water mixture is expelled, then placed back in the water to absorb more oil.  

2.  Where?  Why Long Beach?

The folks behind Clean My Bay are from Southern California, and grew up around the ocean, so they wanted to stay close to home for this initial project.  Long Beach provides a great proving ground because it is home to one of the largest sea ports in the world, and marine traffic is a major source of hydrocarbon pollution.  Their intent is to prove it works here, then to travel up and down the coastline cleaning beaches and bays.

3.  Why are we doing this?

AIR Tech is doing this because it works!  We have a serious problem with oil derivatives and related pollution in our water.  SmartFoam can clean it up, but it takes money to bring something like this to the public consciousness.  The people at Clean My Bay believe that a successful demonstration now will open the doors to more efficient and effective spill response all over the world.

4.  How did we conceive of this project?

Our chemist alerted us to the oil absorbing properties of the foam he created for us (for a totally different purpose).  When the Deepwater Horizon disaster happened in the Gulf of Mexico, it became obvious that we had to try to invent a system that could deal with the problem.  Now, here we are!

5.  Who we are.

We're just regular folks with a passion for the ocean.  We have a crack team of engineers and chemists that keep us at the forefront of where oil spill response efforts are going in the future.  

6.  What will the money be used for?

The company doesn't have the resources to move the project forward by itself.  All that has transpired to date has been funded by us, and our friends and family.  Now the costs are too large for us to bear in this economy.  It used to be that a company could get $100,000 from five different individuals to fund a project like this.  Nowadays, it's much more difficult to raise funds like that.  A much more powerful way is to get $5 each from 100,000 people.  This will pay for the creation of specialized equipment, foam, permits, etc., that all contributes to the total system of oil reclamation. 

7.  What is our long term goal.

Initially, our goal is to raise $500,000 for Clean My Bay - Long Beach.  One successful cleanup project here and now, can have a tremendously positive impact all over the world.  Ultimately, we'd like to be able to put this system in multiple places that have an ongoing problem with hydrocarbons in the water.  The need is great, and the places the system can be used are unlimited.  We aim to slow, and eventually reverse the environmental degradation that is caused by natural seeps, accidents, and carelessness regarding the production and distribution of petroleum products.  We think it's a worthy goal.  Join us!

$1,350 Raised

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