AIR Tech, Inc. was created in 2010, in response to the British Petroleum (BP) oil spill that occurred at the Deep Water Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico.  The urgency of the situation in the Gulf, and the realization that these, and other types of spills happen regularly all over the world, made it clear there is a tremendous need to create a product that can better manage this type of pollution to help protect our world waters.  
With the help of a team of innovative engineers, AIR Tech created a unique foam system to clean up oil and absorb it - even out in open water.  AIR Tech has applied for a patent of its innovative SmartFoam oil recovery system covering every conceivable aspect of the process.

2013 Small Business of the Year for the 68th Assembly District in CA

We are committed to being a company that is a friend to our ecosystem. Our focus is oil reclamation, clean up, and disposal. We maintain this focus through a belief in our motto - Be Better. 
Our goal is to reduce the amount of oil that not only pollutes the water and water tables, but also pollutes the very foods we consume and air that we breath.
Oil spill clean up and reclamation is an unfortunate but necessary endeavor. This type of pollution can originate from natural seeps, human caused oil spills in the oceans, local and state harbors, seas, lakes and rivers - to oil refineries, heavy industry, and street run off.  
By utilizing a scalable approach, we are able to answer and support the needs of small, medium and large clean-up projects.   

SmartFoam Products is an innovative product line created by Advanced Innovative Recovery Technologies, Inc. (AIR Tech).  
Smart Foam is a super efficient, open cell, non-toxic, elastomeric foam system that is unrivaled in the absorbents industry and was developed by and is exclusive to AIR Tech.  No harmful VOC's, no HCFC's, no CFC's, no TDI.  Absolutely inert to the environment.